Got a minute? How about 5?


What’s do you miss the most about going into the office?

For me, it was the bullshiting, the inside jokes the busting of chops while sipping on diet soda pops aka THE PEOPLE.

So, I invented Five Minutes with Fritz, a show where I talk with work people about everything but work.

It’s been a great way to connect with people across the agency and give them a platform to spotlight what they’ve been up to since the world shutdown. 

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Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 12.08.46

This is only the beginning, until the end of work from home.

Hosting and posting the show to our MS Teams boards not only gave me better insight into my co-workers lives, but it gave EVERYONE on our team a more positive spin on being apart.

Sure, we used to talk at work, but now I get invited (digitally) into people’s homes. People show me their gardens, tell me about their own side-projects, have their adorable kids play violin and piano for me—plus, its been amazing for getting to know new hires too. One guest liked it so much he bought me a box of these dope mugs with my logo on it to send to guests! Watch out Colbert.